Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams

Everywhere is a path

Explore a procedural world of psychedelic beauty and scan Treasures and Creatures.
Gentle adversity and frequent milestones keep you engaged while you get lost in a pathless paradise.

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams review by JoJo’s Dojo


  • Fine-tuned Procedural Engine.
  • Relaxing and psychedelic experience to engage the senses.
  • 300+ Treasures to collect: Monuments, Plants, Creatures, Dark Creatures, etc.
  • Billions of Dreams to explore. Find maps and vistas no one else has seen.
  • Ethereal/Atmospheric graphics and color palettes.
  • Original music score composed by Jordan Guerette.

Available on the PS4&5: store.playstation.com/HiddenTreasures

And Steam: store.steampowered.com/HiddenTreasures

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