The Best Walking Simulator on the PS4

Everywhere is a path

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams is a casual procedural walking simulator for the PS4.

Slowly explore a procedural world of beauty and stumble upon mysterious treasures and creatures.
Gentle adversity and frequent milestones keep you engaged while you get lost in a pathless paradise.

  • Safe and soothing experience for all ages.
  • Lots of animals and strange creatures to discover.
  • Graphics straight out of a dream.
  • 300+ treasures to collect.
  • 500+ decor items fuel a fine-tuned procedural engine.
  • Billions of Dreams to explore.

Unlock your innate explorer instincts and let the beauty of your surroundings guide you through a most casual digital experience.
Welcome to the Forest of Dreams.

Available now on the PlayStation. Coming soon to other platforms.

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